Canvassing for Contractors

Canvassing for Contractors

When you land a new gig, one of the first things you generally do on the first day of the job is let everyone in the neighborhood know you’re starting a project. The easiest and most convenient way is by sticking a sign on the front lawn of the job site.

People passing by see the “Remodeling done by ____” or “New Roof Thanks to ___” signs and might keep you in mind for when they need work done. A few might even stop and get information from you or try to set up a consultation for an estimate. Yard signs can be very handy marketing tools.

But there’s another option to let the neighborhood know you’re there and ready to help them with their home renovation needs: canvassing. The art of sending someone door-to-door to let residents know about your services is a process that is still in style and relatively effective. If you’re already in the neighborhood, why not do it? The worst that could happen is you get some “not interested” responses. But you might end up with leads for new work.

Send Employees Around the Neighborhood

In most cases, residents will have seen your sign on their neighbor’s lawn. It’s hard to miss a sign that’s bold and informative (hint, hint). However, if it happens to be an election year, there was a storm and several houses were damaged by wind or hail, your signs might be competing for folks’ attention. If this is the case, it might be time to grab one of your trusted employees who know your business well and have him or her go around the neighborhood, introduce your company and offer your services.

Go Yourself

Sometimes the personal approach is the best. Stopping by the next door and across the street neighbors’ homes and letting them know you’ll be working next door or across the street is a nice gesture. It’s also a great way to let the neighbors know that you can provide the same services for them that you’re providing for their neighbor. Of all the people in the neighborhood, they’re the most likely to notice your lawn sign, but they’re also the ones you are most likely to interact with.

Hang Flyers or Send Out Mailers

While you’re canvassing the neighborhood, you can include a flyer and door hanger to place on doors in the neighborhood. This will provide an opportunity to present your services to those neighborhood residents who aren’t at home during the canvassing or who would like to read over the material you presented when you talked to them. Another option is mail out information.

The best day for these mailers to be received is Saturday and you can use them instead of or in conjunction with canvassing. The mailer and flyer should include information about your business, specific services you provide, how to contact you for an estimate and if you want, a coupon or special deal for new customers.

Level of Success

In most marketing efforts, a successful campaign is a conversion rate of 2 to 3 percent of all advertised. In other words, if you send 100 flyers, when you land 2 to 3 new gigs, the marketing run is considered successful. Marketing campaigns including canvassing should be done on a regular basis. A flyer or mailer should be handed or mailed out at least once every couple of months.

Canvassing is a great way to let a whole neighborhood know you’re available. Combine this effort with doing stellar work and your business should experience a healthy bottom line.