Can Specializing in Masonry Give Your Future a Solid Foundation?

Can Specializing in Masonry Give Your Future a Solid Foundation?

Have you ever thought about steering some of your contracting experience into a more specialized, yet highly profitable niche? The masonry industry is ready for a new influx of skilled workers and business owners, especially in the repair and restoration fields.

Most large masonry firms have jobsite overhead requirements that limit them to bidding only on larger, more complex jobs, which has left a manpower gap in smaller residential jobs, such as concrete walkway and stair repairs, brick repointing, creating custom stone or brick driveways and fireplace restorations and installations. By starting your own masonry business or subcontracting your services to one of the larger companies, you can make a comfortable living or give your present income a substantial boost.

Learn More About the Industry

Chances are you’ve already performed some basic masonry work as part of your construction duties or you’ve worked with masons on one or more residential or commercial jobs. Maybe there’s a Local in your area that can offer insight and advice on training and other industry requirements. With the economy on the upswing, there’s a growing demand for masons in residential and commercial construction.

Employment opportunities for masons is growing at a rapid pace, but the number of trained masons now available can’t begin to meet the current demand. Many older, experienced masons are retiring and there just aren’t enough qualified workers to fill those positions.

However, many of those retirees are business owners who may be interested in selling you their business. It might be relatively easy to find an available, established masonry contractor’s business or even a franchise that fits your personal and professional requirements. Even better, you might find a business with experienced masons willing to stay on and work with you.

Build Your Masonry Skills

Every niche in the construction industry involves specialized training and equipment. Masonry is no different. If you intend to expand your current contracting business into masonry, it’s vital to expand your knowledge and training – especially if you plan to be an active participant in your new venture. Industry labor unions often work with local community colleges to arrange training and apprenticeships for those interested in becoming masons.

As a working contractor, you probably don’t have the time to invest in full-time training for yourself or those of your employees interested in masonry, but contacting either of the above institutions in your area might be a great help in setting up a training program. The Mason Contractors Association of America offers live webinars, on-demand educational opportunities, training programs and masonry certifications.

Why Masonry?

In addition to being a potentially highly profitable investment of your time, money and efforts, there are reasons why masonry has endured for thousands of years. The materials are readily available, fire-resistant, durable and sustainable. Additionally, masonry construction provides an exceptional energy-saving advantage because of the natural thermal mass of the materials. For your clients, masonry construction offers long-term savings – an excellent marketing point.

Insurance Costs: Insurance companies acknowledge the fact that masonry provides the best fire resistance of any building material. They typically offer lower premiums on buildings constructed of fire-resistant materials. Masonry construction offers the best protection against fire risk.

Maintenance Costs: The natural materials used in masonry construction don’t rust, dent, rot or shatter. They don’t require repainting, re-staining or even regular cleaning. A masonry building requires minimum maintenance because it can easily resist most man-made or natural abuse.

Construction Costs: Because the system of construction used by masons is so exact and the materials are so readily available, even last-minute design changes rarely slow or stall a build. In addition, there are no delays while waiting for off-site fabrications or drawing alterations. Everything can be done quickly and on site.

Specializing in masonry work – of any type – allows you to learn a craft with great historical significance while expanding your expertise, your business and your income. Masonry has endured throughout the centuries and promises to do the same far into the future. Your opportunities are waiting.