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When you’re on the jobsite, the right tool matters. It’s not just that you need a hammer when you need a hammer, but that when you need a 16 ounce ball peen hammer, a 10 ounce claw hammer just won’t cut the mustard. The same can be said for reciprocating saw blades. Sure, they all look basically the same, but if you really spend some time in the blade aisle at Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll start to notice differences that go way beyond the length or paint color.

For example, blades like the newest offerings from LENOX, including the LENOX LAZER CTTM and DEMOLITION CTTM, aren’t just repainted versions of last year’s model. They’re actually reinvented and reimagined to work even better and last longer, no matter what sort of project you’re involved in. From demo work to simple on-the-jobsite cuts that don’t necessarily demand that you pull out the table or chop saw, these new blades may solve many of your regular causes of demo delay.

LENOX DEMOLITION CTs Aren’t Your Granddaddy’s Blades

Anyone who has done demo work knows that the best kind of job is the one that’s already done. It’s a dirty, gritty process that ends up all over everything and everyone on the jobsite. There’s nothing fun about demo work, that’s why it’s good to find a blade that can cut through the walls that need to come down like a hot knife through butter, no matter what might be hiding within.

We all know what it’s like to work with cheap reciprocating saw blades. They get clogged so fast that it seems like you’re constantly throwing them away and buying more – which really ends up making them super expensive blades.

That’s one of the best things about the LENOX DEMOLITION CT blade. It’s made to chew through whatever you can throw at it, including embedded nails and surprise screws. But because it lasts up to ten times longer than a typical six teeth per inch standard bi-metal blade, you can speed up the demo, reduce the money you’re wasting on blades that just get chewed up by those hard to cut materials and do it all while looking like the professional you are.

These are a new type of blade, with a thicker profile to help increase your control, a major problem with thinner blades. They tend to buck hard when you hit metal or even just a hard, aged stud, and may bend or shatter dangerously. The teeth of the DEMOLITION CT are even reinforced with carbide to add strength and durability, so they break less easily and cut more smoothly.

When accuracy and speed matter, this blade can absolutely deliver. Even after the demo’s done, you can keep on using it for straight cuts to remove nailed ends in reclaimed materials, for example, or to trim metal pipes or tubing. The smooth as butter action will keep delivering, whether you’re tearing down or building up because this blade was reimagined to work for you in all the ways you need it to.

Currently, LENOX offers the DEMOLITION CT in three lengths, six, nine and 12-inch, each with six teeth per inch. Check them out here before you head out to your favorite hardware or home improvement store.


Make Short Work of Metal Pipes, Beams and Other Materials with LENOX LAZER CT

Sure, it’s great to have a demo blade that can cut through pretty much anything, but as everybody knows, a tool that can do everything sometimes could do everything a little bit better. That’s why LENOX didn’t mess around when it designed the LENOX LAZER CT blade. This is a blade made with one purpose in mind: chewing through metal like nobody’s business.

Whether you’re tearing out old cast iron pipes, taking down part of a building with steel studs, or simply looking for an easier way to cut pieces of angle iron to length on the job site, having a few LENOX LAZER CT blades in your toolbox will seem like the best decision you ever made.

Created for cutting the most difficult types of metal, like cast iron and stainless steel, LAZER CT blades are not only durable, they’re accurate like nothing you’ve ever seen. You want a straight cut? They’ll give you one every time. And, like their cousins the DEMOLITION CT line, LAZER CT blades are made to work harder and last longer – up to 10 times longer – than a standard bi-metal blade.

They also have the high-performance carbides to help prevent tooth loss when cutting through thick metals, speeding up the process and letting you keep going until you’re done, not until the blade is. It’s a great tool to help you speed up your work, but the durability of this blade also keeps your workers working instead of making excuses to mill about looking for a replacement blade when they manage to break the first one you gave them that day.

Whether it’s your hours or your employee’s hours, spending them on the job instead of changing out blades or at the hardware store buying replacements means more money in your pocket. More money is always better than less – your accountant would definitely agree.

The LENOX LAZER CT blades are available in four, six and eight, nine-inch lengths, with eight teeth per inch. There’s more information here if you want to read up on them before hitting the home improvement store.

The Faster the Demo, the Faster the Check

Being a contractor means being a realist. You know that the quicker you do the job, the faster you get paid. And if you do the job fast and well, you’ll also be able to do more work and get a lot more word of mouth referrals. That’s what it’s all about. But you can’t accomplish any of this without the right tools. That means researching all sorts of new gadgets, drill bits and even demo blades, like the LENOX LAZER CT and DEMOLITION CT lines.

Every job needs the right tool. When it comes to cutting through embedded nails and old, tough wood, the LENOX DEMOLITION CT blade can make anyone on your crew look like a total pro. For those cast iron pipes and other tricky metals, LENOX’s LAZER CT works through them just like its namesake technology, with precision and speed. They’re both perfect solutions to the problem of getting through tough demolitions so you can move on to remodeling or rebuilding something amazing.

Sponsored by: LENOX
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