Bollards adding security to the future of your buildings

The world is moving quick and so is the traffic. And with the fast moving traffic, comes a potential risk of accidents due to inappropriate fast driving and not following traffic rules. While efforts are continuously being made to slow the traffic down using multiple strategies, it is also extremely important to minimize the damage caused by these accidents. One way to prevent the damage or at least minimize it very affectively is using the bollards. Bollards are tall sturdy structures that act as shields to protect people, property and vehicles from damage. Apart from the road accidents, bollards also help perform several other preventive actions such as creating a boundary around a property to enforce that it is inaccessible or to prevent potential theft.

After you have finally decided to install bollards at your residential places and at your work sites, it is also important to find a good seller of bollards where you can access high quality bollards with all variety and at very reasonable prices. One such place is the Bollard Shop. They are in the bollards business since 2019 and have a great experience in this field. They are particularly proud of their team of highly experienced industrial experts. Their team manufactures high quality bollards that are unmatchable in their sturdiness, design, variety, quality and cost effectiveness. They produce a wide variety of bollards to be used at residential sites and commercial ones too.

Some of their best product offerings are as follows:

  1. Retractable Bollards

The retractable bollards are the newest kinds of bollards that use a pretty interesting mechanism. The retractable bollards offer an amazing piece of accessibility as it does not tie you to your decision of placing a bollard at a place. Maybe one day you have to remove the bollard for some time and then place it again. Now, if you had placed a normal bollard, you would have to dig the ground, remove the bollard and do all the dirty work thereby ruining the landscape too. Furthermore, later on you would have to place the bollard again from scratch. However, not with retractable bollards. With retractable bollards, you can easily restrict or allow access to a certain place by lowering the bollard into the ground. The bollards go all the way down into the ground when you want to provide free access whereas, it can be lifted again to restrict access. It has a top handle to help you lift up the bollard when needed. It has a 4” diameter and a reflective tape on it to alarm the drivers.

  1. Bollard Covers

You might have a bollard installed that does not have a good finishing and is raw and rugged from the top. That  not only looks extremely ugly, but is also dangerous and can cause cuts on your or others’ skins. Therefore, to cover those bollard tops, bollard covers ca be used. There are multiple types of bollard covers available for all types of bollards and all sizes of bollards. For example a 4.5” bollard comes in several different colors including yellow, red, blue, grey, black, white, green, orange and so on. It can be bought in a length of 52” or 64”. Moreover, you can choose to have a reflective tape or not and if you do, you can pick a color from red, black, blue, yellow, orange, green and so on. Installation of a bollard cover is extremely easy and does not require any expert guidance. It does not even require any special equipment or adhesive.

There are several other types of bollard covers and bollards available for you to buy including the top gard bollard covers, bolt down bollards, removable bollards, collapsible bollards, steel pipe bollards and so on. All these products are available in various sizes, colors and types. Therefore, you can choose the ones that are best suitable for you.