Bobcat’s new Rear View Camera brings loader blind spots into clear view

Bobcat rear camera mounted in a metal housing on a tailgate

The camera mounts on your Bobcat loader tailgate protected by a sturdy metal housing.

There’s no way around the fact that skid steers have a big blind spot directly to their rear line of sight. Side mirrors help, but Bobcat has come up with an additional solution—a retrofit rear camera kit.

Designed and developed specifically for compact loaders, the Bobcat Rear Camera Kit includes a 4.3-inch LCD color monitor with an LED backlit screen, wiring harness, mounts and a tailgate mounted camera. The camera’s view gives you a 118-degree horizontal viewing angle and an 89-degree vertical angle.

Bobcat rear camera in-cab anti-glare screen

The screen in the cab features an anti-glare, scratch resistant surface for visibility in all conditions.

The camera is activated whenever the ignition is turned on and runs continuously as the loader runs in forward and reverse. A heavy-duty metal housing and a rubber backlit keypad protects components from hazards. Internal heaters keep snow, condensation and ice from obscuring the view in temperatures as low as minus-40 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 185-degrees.

The kit takes about two hours to install and is compatible with any Bobcat M-series or newer loaders.

Bobcat rear camera mounted on a T650 Bobcat