Bobcat intros front-mount snowblower for its compact tractors

Bobcat is adding to the attachment lineup for its new range of compact tractors with a new front-mount snowblower.

The snowblower is available in 49- and 62-inch widths and—as its name suggests—is mounted to the front of the tractor rather than to a 3-point hitch on the rear. Bobcat says this front mount should make for more comfortable operation since you don’t have to turn around in your seat to keep an eye on how much snow is being moved.

The 49-inch model is compatible with the Bobcat CT1021 and CT1025 tractor models while the 62-inch works with the CT2025, CT2035 and CT2535 models. It’s driven by a mid-power-take-off (PTO) on these tractors.

The tool has a bolt-on cutting edge, a two-stage blower design and features a hydraulic chute that rotates, letting you direct snow wherever you want it to go. There’s also a set of adjustable skid shoes. You can set these low to scrape pavements clean or set them higher to remove snow from gravel lots or driveways.