Big Lift Performance in Compact Size with Tadano’s New All-Terrain Cranes

Mobile crane manufacturer Tadano has introduced an upgraded four-axle all-terrain crane line with a lifting capacity of 75 tons and two boom lengths. The new AC 4.070-1 and AC 4.070L-1 feature a new carrier cab and multifunctional crane controls.

At full length, the 171-foot, six-section main boom can lift 12,786 pounds. The lifting capacity was improved further for steep main boom positions with small radii. Lifting capacity was also improved for steep main boom positions with small radii. A 144-foot main boom is available as an option.

With a length of 29.5 to 52.5 feet, the main boom’s extension can be used with manual or stepless hydraulic adjustments from 0 to 40 degrees to overcome a variety of obstacles. The larger total lifting capacity continuously changes in line with all radii, and an additional 5.9-foot runner can be mounted on the opposite side of the double swing-away jib on the boom.

Fast set up

Tadano’s AML-F crane control system and asymmetrical outrigger settings make quick work of set up and positioning. The lifting capacity selection function is automatic, making things easier for crane operators, and the crane selects the optimal extension sequence for each radius by itself. In addition, the Tadano lift adjuster reduces load swinging during lifting and loading.

For roading, the counterweight can be subdivided and configured precisely to meet a variety of axle load limits. Without a main boom extension and with 9,700-pounds of counterweight, the crane can comply with the 11-ton axle load limit that is becoming increasingly more common in the United States. For roads and bridges with a 13-ton axle load limit, the crane can travel with up to 26,900pounds of counterweight. The top end of the crane’s configurable axle load limits goes up to 36,376 pounds.