Best Website Practices for Contractors

Best Website Practices for Contractors

Having a business means having some sort of web presence for that business. The kind of web presence you choose for your business depends on several factors, but whatever approach you choose to take, you’ll want to make sure you’re presenting the best version of you and your business.

Traditional Website

If you opt to put up a traditional website, having a homepage that introduces you, your services and a history of your business is the minimum. Photos of your work, both completed and those in progress is another option to add to your site.

A contact form so potential customers can reach out to you as well as a testimonial page can help you create a functional and informative website for your business. If writing isn’t your forte, you’ll want to hire a wordsmith who can make you sound like the professional you are. You’ll also want to include quality photos of your jobs. Grainy cell phone photos are not acceptable.

Social Media

With or without a website, a social media presence is a good idea. A Facebook page for your business, a profile on LinkedIn and an Instagram account can all be leveraged to effectively market your business online. A word to the wise: You might want to keep your personal opinions about issues not related to your industry off your business’ social media pages. Regardless of the side you’re on, you run the risk of alienating the other side. But if working with people who share your views is important, then make your views known, just keep in mind not everyone will share them and there could be some consequences. This is good advice for your website as well, but there is less room for opinion on a static site, whereas social media is very fluid.


One way to set yourself up as an expert is to write a blog. You can choose topics that interest you and write about them on your own blog, invite other professionals to post guest posts and you can offer to do guest posts for other industry blogs. The exposure is great for your reputation as well as bringing new readers and potential clients to your business.


If you like to show people how things are done, a YouTube channel could be the outlet for you. Whether you want to show quick fixes for minor household issues (unclogging a toilet or drain, how to fix a scuff mark or scratch in wood, etc.) or show the progress of a bigger process over time, a video is a great way to show off what you know. You can also include interviews with other industry experts, behind the scenes footage of trade shows and expos or just talk to your viewers about the latest happenings.


Simply put, share photos of ongoing and finished products, tools and equipment you love or photos or video of anything else that’s business related. You can also use Instagram to cross-promote your other websites such as a new blog post or video.

Having a web presence used to be optional, but in 2018, it’s really a necessity. You can use as many of the above outlets as you want, but make sure that they’re all linked so your fans and customers can find you easily. Crafting your brand can take time, but if you stay active and are persistent, your work will pay off in increased sales and accolades.

Do you have a web presence? If so what do you use and why?