Benefits of Site Hoarding on Construction Sites

Site hoarding and hoarding constructions are a temporary kind of signage that’s compulsory for any business venturing into any building and related work. It’s a means of ensuring safety and security, and besides this, it’s an incredible marketing tool that offers protection yet at a reasonable cost.


Building site hoarding boards have a number of benefits. Here are some of those worth a mention, however, there are many more:


Secures the Project

A great benefit of implementing building site hoarding is its ability to provide safety for your construction site, therefore preventing theft which may result in huge financial losses. Since the process itself is cheap, it saves you a significant amount of cash.


The Construction Design and Management Regulations require that all construction companies implement a form of preventing intruders from getting into your construction site. This is by securing a perimeter and using appropriate signs before carrying out any construction work.


Ensure the Safety of the Public

Another huge advantage of site hoarding is that it shields the general public from serious injury, by surrounding safety hazards with barriers.


Falling objects


Construction equipment


On-site vehicles




Noise, dust, or vibration


Slips and trips close to pedestrian walks


According to the regulations, boundaries need to be well defined using appropriate fencing, and that’s exactly what our site hoarding signage can offer.


We fit your site hoarding efficiently to cover the whole construction area perfectly. Whether the space is small or large, we will work with you to protect the public from injury and save you any financial strain that may be caused by huge compensation claims.


Protect Your Work

What’s best about site hoarding is that as it protects the public, it also protects your construction project before it is completed.


If you want your project to remain unrevealed until its completion, use site hoarding to keep it under wraps. We can work hand-in-hand with you to create site hoarding signage that allows your site to blend perfectly with the surroundings as well as avoid exposure.


The site hoarding remains a visible barrier that allows your business to operate incognito. You can work on your product until the result is perfect, before surprising your customers with an impressive project.

Cost-effective protection

Site hoarding provides a cost-effective solution for your construction ventures.


Our site hoarding enables you to reduce advertising and protection costs, as our signage can be used again during future projects.


The installation is easy, so this means it will be fast and therefore it’s a cost-efficient activity.


Besides being a great form of protection, building site hoarding, also enables you to establish advertising campaigns that contribute immensely towards promoting your project.


It’s also an incredible way of advertising your brand. For example, you can use printed site hoarding sites for a shop opening, to display your brand before the grand reveal.