Benefits of Reconditioned Electrical Pole Transformers

Reconditioned transformers, also known as rewound transformers, are considered an excellent choice for replacement in any electrical distribution industry or manufacturing unit. The biggest benefit of these transformers is their easy and fast replacement.


Experts say that these transformers are made more valuable to the owners by shortening the time between catastrophic failure, internal fault, or lighting strike and then to execute its replacement.


Those who are interested to know about some of the major benefits of choosing reconditioned transformers are advised to go through the points below:


  • Minimum downtime:

When we need to replace any equipment, speed is usually considered as a major issue because it is directly associated with the downtime of the entire system. The large industrial plants such as refineries, utility companies, and coal mines, cannot afford longer system failure. They need the transformers to be replaced quickly. Also, any delay in replacement adds a huge cost to the companies. Hence, it is recommended to install reconditioned electrical pole transformers that take a little time of around 2 to 4 weeks for immediate shipping and replacement.


  • Reduced cost of replacement:

Another major concern for the manufacturing plants is the cost of replacement. It is usually quite expensive to pull out the failed transformer. Furthermore, the cost grows higher when the company orders a replacement transformer that is to be designed from scratch. The trouble is that many updated federal DOE efficiency standards don’t even allow new transformer developments to follow specific dimensional requirements. In this scenario, reconditioned transformers appear the best and most cost-effective solution.


  • Quality solution:

Some of you may feel worried about getting a second-hand transformer. But when you take help from professionals to install reconditioned transformers, you can ensure complete relief. They prefer to replace the fluid and re-gasket the entire system. The experts spare time to test all the components such as bushings, switches, fuses, etc. so that faulty items can be replaced. After testing, all units are cleaned, painted, and primed to get a new look. They deliver your transformer unit on time and then install vacuum fills, bushings, radiators, and perform onsite testing prior to energizing the unit. You can rely on the quality of reconditioned transformers.


  • Extended warranty:

When you install a new transformer unit, it usually comes with a warranty of around one year only. However, depending upon the specifications and voltage class, the reconditioned transformers can have a longer warranty. Hence, you will find them much better than the new transformers.


  • Environment Health:

Another amazing benefit of replacing your faulty transformer with reconditioned one is that it allows an existing unit to work again. This practice is environment friendly. That is why most of the companies are encouraged to choose these transformers for replacement. Moreover, the companies also get a handsome amount for selling their out of service transformer.


In order to have of all these benefits, it is good to establish contact with the most reliable professionals to get your faulty transformer replaced as soon as possible.