AUSA Intros Redesigned D301AHG Mid-range Dumpers

After launching new dumpers with higher payloads over the past two years, AUSA is continuing to upgrade its lineup with the new D301AHG mid-range dumper.

Like the prior updates, notable improvements have been made to the dumper’s design. With a payload of 6,600 pounds, the D301AHG is well-suited for relatively large-scale construction sites. The company says the general intent is to minimize the number of journeys an operator must transport the same amount of material.

The all-terrain dumper is equipped with a Kubota four-cylinder 24.8 hp engine with no DPF, which complies with the Tier 4 low emissions standard. According to AUSA, the machine’s overall optimized power-to-weight ratio ensures that fuel consumption is significantly lower than in the previous model.

The new skip has been devised with a heaped capacity of 2.28 cubic yards, which is 12% higher than in the previous model. In addition, the company says the reduced weight and permanent all-wheel drive provides quality off-road capability, more maneuverability, and 50% gradeability.

With the angular lines to the rear of the machine, larger engine covers are offered on both sides, making regular maintenance components such as filters and fluid tanks easily accessible without using a step. Also, the counterweight’s large central grille makes it possible to quickly access the cooler, making it easy to clean and remove.

In addition, AUSA cites the safety features of the machines, such as the hydrostatic transmission. Also, the driving position is equipped with a seat that has a presence sensor and a seatbelt buckle sensor to prevent the machine from being started if recommended safety measures have not been taken. Lastly, the company says the machine is equipped with an electronic negative brake which is automatically engaged when the dumper’s engine is switched off to prevent any movement.

There is an extensive range of optional accessories to help customize the machine to each customer’s requirements. These include AUSAnow fleet manager and lighting equipment.

Quick specs

  • Operating Weight: 5,070 lbs. 
  • Engine: 28.4 hp Kubota
  • Payload: 6,600 lbs.
  • Heaped skip capacity: 2.28 cu. yds
  • Level skip capacity: 1.72 cu yds

The upgraded D301AHG has an optimized power-to-weight ratio, giving it lower fuel consumption and more maneuverability.The upgraded D301AHG has an optimized power-to-weight ratio, giving it lower fuel consumption and more maneuverability.AUSA