Attachment Roundup: The first mobile plasma cutter and 23 other add-ons to get more out of your excavator

Products abound for expanding the use of your excavator. Below are 24 attachments that can take on such tasks as breaking concrete, lifting rocks, mowing grass – and even, plasma cutting.

Attachment connection from the cab

Kinshofer’s X-LOCK CouplerKinshofer’s new X-LOCK Coupler allows the operator to switch attachments without exiting the cab. It is designed to prevent accidents on the job, such as those caused by improperly attached or failing buckets. The operator can control and monitor the attachment exchange in the cab through the X-LOCK Control Unit, which features a separate open and close button. The system features red and green LED lights and a warning buzzer that indicate whether the attachment was properly attached or not.


Fastest hammers in the class

John Deere Hydraulic Hammer

John Deere’s new hydraulic hammers are the fastest in their class and are more efficient and easier to maintain than previous models, the company says. The newest additions to the company’s Worksite Pro attachments – models HH20C, HH40C, HH60C and HH80C – deliver two to three times more blows per minute than previous models. They also have 30 percent fewer parts, allowing for one-hour rebuild time. They only require grease every two hours. They are compatible with G-Series compact excavators and competitive models.

First mobile plasma cutter

MotoCut's Plasma Cutter P-400

MotoCut says it has produced the first fully self-contained, mobile plasma-cutter excavator attachment. The Finnish company’s Plasma Cutter P-400 cuts concrete piles, as well as steel piles and pipes. It can cut steel pipes of 6.4 inches to 16 inches in diameter and cut walls up to 1-inch thick. The cutter is fully computer-controlled and can be operated from the cab. It can run on any 13- to 20-ton hydraulic excavator with a hammer line and tiltrotator. The company says the attachment runs on the fuel of the excavator and uses only compressed air.

Hands-free lifting

Rock Lift from KencoKenco’s Rock Lift is being used on some high-profile projects, including the construction of the Crazy Horse monument in the Blacks Hills of South Dakota. The lift features three points of contact to grab and move objects of a variety of shapes and sizes. The company says its patented actuator allows for hands-free lifting, moving and placing of objects. The attachment does not require hydraulics, as the weight of the load provides the gripping power. It comes in capacities of 3,000, 6,000 and 12,000 pounds.

Built to handle tough conditions

Demolition Tools from Brunner & LayBrunner & Lay says its demolition tools are made with high-quality steel, which heat-treated in “ultramodern, pit-type furnaces to create the hardness, impact strength and durability” for the tools to handle tough quarrying and mining conditions. Its tools include points, chisels, blunts and other specialized working ends. They are compatible with most types of heavy-duty, boom-mounted breaker machines, the company says.

Add tilt and rotation to buckets

Volvo's Steelwrist Tiltrotator

The Steelwrist tiltrotator from Volvo delivers 360-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt, left and right, for buckets on the company’s excavators. Volvo says the Steelwrist saves time and money by minimizing machine repositioning, improving digging performance and increasing fuel efficiency. The front pin is designed to prevent the bucket from falling should the connection procedure fail when changing attachments. The tiltrotator’s control system includes unique tuning to optimize hydraulic flow, ergonomic joysticks and a color touchscreen.

Lift rocks with minimal energy

Leading Edge Attachments' Fang RakeThe Fang Rake from Leading Edge Attachments allows the operator to comb the ground to remove stumps, brush and rocks. The tines are made of Swedish Hardox 400 alloy steel and are shaped to lift rocks and pull roots with the least amount of energy. The tines have no cross members and are thick and spaced far enough apart to allow small debris to sift through. When used with a hydraulic thumb, the rake acts similarly to a grapple, able to grab stumps and boulders to be removed or positioned.

Skid-steer ‘hookup’ for excavators

Construction Attachments' HookupThe Hookup by Construction Attachments is a universal skid steer adapter for excavators up to 20,000 pounds. The adapter allows excavators to use such landscaping attachments as general purpose buckets, root rakes, skeleton buckets, stump buckets, pallet forks, bale spears, boom poles and tree booms. The Hookup weighs 252 pounds and is made from ASTM A36 structural steel. It incorporates the standard two-pin universal skid steer latching system. The pins are flame hardened and have greasable zerk fittings, the company says.

Switch from dig to load with ease

Weld-On Hydraulic Thumb from PembertonThe cylinder on Pemberton’s Weld-On Hydraulic Thumb enables the operator to change between digging and loading without leaving the cab. The thumb, which is welded directly to the underside of the dipper arm, features a high-strength one-piece base plate. Its high-strength pivot resists bending. The tines are abrasion-resistant. Custom sizes are available.

Less vibration during compaction

Case Construction's Plate CompactorsCase designed the base plates on its Plate Compactors with “angle technology,” which the company says transfers and distributes vibratory forces more efficiently, to extend the life of the compactor and carrier. The hydraulic compactors are designed for slope compaction, utility, construction and road maintenance applications. They feature flow control to prevent over-speeding. The bearings are bathed in oil, requiring little to no maintenance. The compactors are compatible with other brands of compact excavators.

Set poles up to 45 feet long

EZ Spot UR Attachments' Heavy Duty Pole SetterThe Heavy Duty Pole Setter from EZ Spot UR Attachments is designed to pull, set and pile poles up to 45 feet long and 2,500 pounds. The pole setter can rotate 115 degrees and can be operated from the cab. The operator can pick up a pole on the ground or a trailer and rotate it to vertical, then position the pole. Its two jaws work independently of each other, which the company says reduces the possibility of an accident. They open up to 20.5 inches and close down to 5 inches, and to 0 inches with optional inserts.

Handle irregular-shaped objects

Kubota’s Hydraulic Thumb KitKubota’s Hydraulic Thumb Kit is designed to handle and load irregular-shaped objects, rocks and debris, including logs. It is custom-designed to match the bucket tip radius and can be retracted out of the way for trenching. It is available for the company’s U25S, KX-71-3, KX033-4, U35-4, KX040-4, U55-4, KX057-4 and KX080-4s excavators.

Mow hard to reach spots

Bobcat's Flail MowerThe flail mower by Bobcat can mow hard to reach places, including hillsides, roadways, ditches, riverbanks. Its triple-knife flails allow operators to mulch small branches, saplings, thick grass and vegetation as large as 4 inches in diameter, the company says. Side safety chains keep debris within the housing. The rotor brake stops the attachment within 7 seconds after hydraulics are turned off. A rubber torsion disc absorbs impact loads, and heavy-duty flanges on both sides of the rotor protect the drive train from dust and debris.

Increased striking power

Hydraulic Breakers from DoosanDoosan hydraulic breakers are available in impact energy classes from 2,000 to 8,000 foot-pounds and are designed for use with the company’s crawler and wheel excavators. The nitrogen-powered hydraulic breakers feature an energy-recovery system that increases strike power for maximum productivity, the company says. They also feature an upper/lower suspension system that isolates the power unit from the housing, making it ideal for demolition projects. Available breaker tools include a moil, blunt, chisel and pyramidal/nail.

Trenching in difficult places

Digga's Trencher AttachmentThe Bigfoot XD1500HF trencher attachment from Digga can dig down to 5 feet and can cut at widths of 6 to 12 inches. It is designed for mid-sized excavators with hydraulic flows of 22 to 45 gallons per minute. Cutting depths can be preset at 30, 40, 48 and 60 inches. The company says the trencher’s mounting plate makes it easy to install the attachment. Its spoil auger removes spoil faster, and its Head Start Crumber allows trenching to start with the crumber in the ground. By using the trencher with an excavator, operators can access hard to reach areas.

Demolish walls, rocks, pavement

Rhino Equipment's Hydraulic Hammers for ExcavatorsRhino Equipment offers three models of hydraulic hammers for excavators. The RH1826EX is for the 18- to 26-ton class. It has an operational weight of 3,836 pounds and an impact range of 400 to 500 blows per minute. The RH2735EX is for the 27- to 35-ton class, with an operational weight of 5,335 pounds and an impact range of 300 to 450 blows per minute. The RH3550EX is for the 35- to 50-ton class. It has an operational weight of 6,658 pounds and an impact range of 250 to 400 blows per minute. The attachments can demolish walls, rocks and pavement.

High-torque, low-speed grinder

Antraquip’s Rock and Concrete GrinderAntraquip’s AQ line of rock and concrete grinders are designed for trenching, controlled demolition, scaling, soil remediation, tunneling, underwater cutting and general rock excavation. Models come equipped for excavators ranging from 2 to 110 tons. The company also offers a choice of cutter heads styles to match the task. Antraquip says its AQ models achieve maximum productivity due to their high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motors, along with rugged gearing and symmetrically aligned cutter bit patterns.

Internal water port for dust suppression

Epiroc's SB Series Hydraulic Breaker Attachment

In an effort to help construction firms meet OSHA’s silica-dust reduction regulations, Epiroc has added a dust suppression system to its new SB Series of hydraulic breaker attachments. The company, a subsidiary of Atlas Copco, says the breakers are the first in the industry to come standard with an internal water port for dust suppression. The system sprays water during breaker operations to reduce the amount of dust that enters the air. Along with reducing the dust, the system is designed to improve operator visibility and keep dust out of the bushings.

Remove narrow concrete slabs

Daniel Mfg. Trench Break GrappleDaniel Mfg. designed its Trench Break grapple for breaking up concrete in narrow spaces and removing narrow concrete slabs during trench work. It can lift that awkward slab with no problem, the company says. The company also recommends the Trench Break for such tasks interior demolition, material handling and landscape construction, as well as other duties.

Do more tasks with buckets

Solesbee’s Manual and Hydraulic Excavator ThumbsSolesbee’s manual and hydraulic excavator thumbs allow operators to change tasks, such as moving dirt or material, without changing attachments. They can be paired with any size excavator and are compatible with buckets with a tip radius of 32 to 78 inches. The thumbs allow operators to grip materials of all sizes that buckets can’t do alone, including trees, pipes, rocks and scrap materials. The thumbs can be welded to a bucket and book arm or bucket and coupler within 2 hours, the company says.

Drill with less fatigue

Machine Mounted Drill from Minnich ManufacturingMinnich Manufacturing A3/A6 machine-mounted drills are designed to eliminate worker fatigue by using the excavator to transport the drill. When mounted to an excavator, the company says, the pneumatically powered attachment forms a self-contained and mobile drilling solution for full-depth repair. The attachment features up to six drills. Options include a side-shift function that allows operators to drill a second set of holes without repositioning the excavator and a dust-collection system.

Teeth that won’t break

TRK Attachments’ Stump Puller Wood Shear

TRK Attachments’ Severe Duty Stump Puller Wood Shear is designed for land-clearing or as a log-splitting tool to cut back material before loading it into a chipper. A variety of options are available including quick coupler, direct pin-on, hydraulic or mechanical versions. The mechanical version uses a manual stiff arm with a three-hole positioner and does not require auxiliary lines. The shank tooth is one solid wedge of steel, and the splitting blade is also made of solid AR400 steel. The body has solid welded in teeth that never break, the company says.

Safely place highway barriers

Vacuworx's Barrier LifterThe HL B2 Barrier Lifter is Vacuworx’s solution to keeping highway workers out of danger when placing large concrete barriers. Rather than using straps and chains that require workers on the ground to guide the barrier, Barrier Lift uses an excavator’s hydraulics to lift and handle barriers weighing up to 23,200 pounds and 30 feet long. It features 360-degree rotation for precise barrier placement, and a hydraulic lock prevents loss of load should hydraulic pressure be lost. Quick couplers are available for fast attachment installation and removal.

Hassle-free hammer mounting

Okada’s Hydraulic Breakers

Okada’s TOP Series of hydraulic breakers range in size from 150 foot-pounds to 15,000 foot-pounds and are designed for hassle-free mounting, the company says. They deliver speeds of up to 1,250 blows per minute without the need for a nitrogen-assisted accumulator. A smooth, long-stroke piston reduces shock and vibration, which also reduces operator fatigue and stress on the excavator, the company says. The hammers are designed for excavation, trenching, demolition and quarry work.