Attachment Roundup: Break, crush, grab with these 10 add-ons for demolition work

Breakers for wide range of excavators

Hyundai Construction Equipment offers 15 models of hydraulic breakers in its HDB series to fit everything from the company’s compact excavators to its 100-ton class machines. Hyundai’s excavator linkage matches the attachments’ mounting brackets. The breakers can also be fitted to other brand excavators by Hyundai dealers with custom mounting brackets. The breakers feature large diameter chisels and tie-bolts to increase strength and durability, a hose adapter that prevents breaks and leaks, and auto-greasing to protect moving parts.

Automatically prevent blank firing

Epiroc has added the Intelligent Protection System to automate its heavy hydraulic breakers. The system’s AutoControl automatically adjusts piston length to the task. When the attachment breaks through material, the AutoStop function automatically shuts off the breaker to prevent blank firing. The system requires no operator intervention, the company says. It is available on Epiroc HB 2000, HB 2500, HB 3100, HB 3600, HB 4100 and HB 4700 breakers and will be added to the company’s other heavy hydraulic breakers this year.

Pulverize with 360-degree rotation

Okada’s Rotating Pulverizer ORC Series can rotate 360 degrees to handle primary and secondary crushing operations. It features a double shell-shaped wedge for greater crushing ability, a speed valve for faster cycle times and 7.1-inch-long reversible cutter blades. The attachment is made of Hardox 400 steel. Its bracket is designed to protect components, such as the piston, rotate motor, speed valve and hydraulic hoses. Wear parts are protected by hardfacing. The series is compatible with excavators of 19 to 41 tons.

Designed for interior demolition

Brokk designed its G50 Grapple for interior demolition jobs, including sorting and separating. The G50 has one fixed and one moveable jaw and opens 17.3 inches. It is equipped with a 36-degree hydraulic rotation circuit. It can grasp drywall, ceiling sections, piping and HVAC ducts and pull them down. The grapple is operated by remote control to keep workers out of harm’s way. It can even pick up and sort small debris with its boltable grip plates. It is compatible with Brokk 60II, 110, 120D, 1160 and 280 remote-controlled demolition robots.

Doze, pile, push with heavy-duty clamp

Pemberton demolition buckets feature a heavy-duty clamp design made for dozing, piling and pushing. They are available in capacities of 2 to 6 cubic yards. The company says they provide a complete demolition tool for wheel and track loaders. They have guarded cylinders, are made of high-strength material and have heat-treated pins and bushings. The moldboard has replaceable bolt-on edges, and the main lip has teeth and segments. They come in a choice of pin-on or coupler equipped.

Rapid concrete crushing

The tooth system on TRK’s Raptor Demolition Pulverizer is designed for rapid pulverization by allowing the crush to flow through the jaws. The pulverizer is made for primary demolition of concrete structures and secondary concrete recycling. An optional hydraulic regeneration valve can be installed to also improve cycle times. Options include four-way indexable protectors and shear blades, two-way crushing teeth and 360-degree rotation. The body and jaws are made of AR400 steel. All points have hardened alloy pins and bushings.

Strike energy adapts to the rock

Montabert filed for three new patents for the design of its V6000 and V7000 rock breakers. The patented technologies are related to the hydraulic cushion and piston centering and to the variable adjustment system. The breakers adapt their striking energy to the hardness of the rock. The V6000 is for 6-ton carriers and the V7000 for 7-ton carriers. The breakers also feature a dual-lubrication circuit, easy-to-change wear parts and soundproofed housing to reduce noise.

Smoother, quieter breakers

Bobcat hydraulic breakers for compact loaders and compact excavators automatically regulate pressure so they can operate regardless of outdoor temperature changes and work with a range of carrier sizes. They are designed for smooth, quiet operation while delivering a high rate of blows per minute. Their cylindrical breaker cradle design improves access to confined areas. They are geared for precise demolition jobs, interior demolition, flatwork demolition and road repair. The breakers have only 12 main service parts, to reduce maintenance time.

Precise loading with less spillage

Doosan hydraulic clamps for crawler and wheel excavators are designed to pick up and place material on demolition jobs. The clamp edges keep objects secure for precise loading and material handling, and a load-holding valve helps prevent spillage. The clamps can quickly be installed on the excavator dipper. They feature a heavy-duty cylinder, AR 400 steel and reinforced pivot area. They are compatible with Doosan DX140LC-5 through DX300LC-5 crawler excavators, and DX140W-5 through DX210W-5 wheel excavators.

More breaking power for compact machines

Kinshofer’s Multi-Quick Processors are designed to put more breaking power in compact excavators. Kinshofer says the MQPs achieved best power-to-weight ratio in their class through their DemaPower cylinder, which uses four chambers instead of the traditional two, resulting in fewer bites to break up material. The MQPs also have six to eight jaw sets available, depending on the processor model, preventing the need to buy several tools for different jobs. They also boast fast jaw closing and opening speed and 5-second cycle times.