ASV debuts RT-40 and RT-65 Posi-Track loaders

ASV RT-40 Posi-Track

ASV Holdings used the recent American Rental Association Show to introduce its RT-40 and RT-65 Posi-Track compact track loaders.

“The RT-40 offers a powerful alternative to those who are currently using walk-behind and stand-on compact loaders,” says Regan Meyer, ASV’s dealer development and marketing manager.

Powered by a 37.5-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, the 4,175-pound RT-40 has a rated operating capacity of 931 pounds and a tipping load of 2,660 pounds. The 48.3-inch wide loader has an 8.4-foot lift height and can travel up to 7.1 mph.

Variable auxiliary hydraulic flow is standard, offering 13.3-gpm pump capacity and 3,000 psi system pressure. A high efficiency cooling system allows operators to use the machine at full load in ambient temperatures up to 118 degrees.

The machine’s Posi-Track system uses a flexible rubber track with internal positive drive sprockets. The open-rail and drive-sprocket design results in increased sprocket and bogie life, along with easier and faster undercarriage cleaning, says ASV.

The 3.5-psi ground pressure RT-40 has a 10.8-inch ground clearance, which the company says is “higher than any walk-behind or stand on loader, plus many larger machines.” The 44-degree departure angle on the machine’s chassis decreases the likelihood that it will get stuck when starting to climb a steep incline.

A rear-tilting hood provides access to filters, oil and fuel tanks and reservoirs, hydraulic and water separator drains and the battery. An electric lift pump offers easy priming and extended fuel filter life.

Since the fuel tank is in the engine compartment rather than under the seat, operators also have easy access to the drive pump. The fuse panel is in the cab and the seat can be removed by unfastening two bolts.

Radial-lift RT-65

ASV RT-65 Posi-Track

Powered by a 67-horsepower Deutz 2.2-liter diesel, the radial-lift RT-65 has a rated operating capacity of 1,925 pounds and a tipping load of 5,500 pounds.

Serviceability features include a swing-out radiator, top hood and doors that allow access to all sides of the engine compartment. To ease cleaning, the machine’s cooler swings out with the door. Convenient drain plugs are included on all service items, including drive motors, the hydraulic tank, the radiator and the engine oil pan.

The RT-65’s auxiliary hydraulic system has 3,300 psi of auxiliary pressure with 22.2-gpm standard flow. A 27.4-gpm high-flow option is available.

The unit is 66 inches wide and has a 116.5-inch lift height.