Are You Ready for a Tiltrotator? Here’s What’s on the Market

Editor’s Note: This story was updated June 14, 2024 with new products and information.

Though more prevalent in Europe, tiltrotators have been gaining in popularity in the U.S. That increased popularity was definitely on display at ConExpo 2023 and trade shows since, with many manufacturers demonstrating tiltrotators on their excavators.

The attachments rotate 360 degrees and tilt side to side anywhere from 40 to 50 degrees, depending on the manufacturer.

Benefits of tiltrotators include less need to move the excavator to dig or perform other tasks because of the flexible movement of the attachment. They also speed up production. Some manufacturers estimate a 1,500-hour return on investment because of the increased efficiency. The additional attachment movement enables more precision, as well.

All of the tiltrotators offer hydraulic coupler options and quick attach systems that enable the operator to stay in the cab to change tools. They can also be attached manually, directly to the excavator.

Tiltrotators can operate such tools as buckets, grapples, compactors, forks, rippers, sweepers – just about any attachment a contractor would want to use.

Another benefit is that most of the tiltrotator manufacturers provide modular quick attach systems that enable the operator to switch easily between attachments, including hydraulic hookups. That often means requiring fewer machines and personnel on a jobsite. The excavator essentially becomes a toolcarrier.

Another development in the tiltrotator world concerns setting a universal international standard for couplers. Some manufacturers are adopting an Open-S industry standard for their fully automatic couplers that will work on any manufacturer’s attachments that follow the standard.

Here’s a look at what’s currently on the tiltrotator market: 


engcon tiltrotator hyundai excavator smoothing dirt show exhibitAn Engcon tiltrotator on a Hyundai excavatorEquipment World

The big news out of Engcon for 2024 is that its latest DC3 control system has expanded compatibility to more excavators, including Cat, Volvo, Develon and Takeuchi models.

The company says it continues to update the compatibility list for the system, which includes ergonomic joysticks and is designed to enhance operation of its tiltrotators, quick couplers and attachments.

Engcon offers its automatic EC-Oil quick coupler system as standard on all its tiltrotators and tools with S40 to S80 machine couplers. This allows operators to quickly attach and detach tools, including hydraulic hookups, without leaving the cab.

EC-Oil for tiltrotators is available for excavators in the 4- to 33-metric-ton weight classes. Engcon also produces tiltrotators for excavators weighing as little as 1.5 metric tons, and those have an integrated hydraulic quick coupler. In all, the company has eight models of tiltrotators in its EC line.

The EC-Oil coupler fits above and below the tiltrotator and on the tool itself and can be used with hydraulic as well as mechanical attachments. The company says operators can use it to quickly detach the tilltrotator and connect it directly to the bucket for extra breakout force and less weight. It has no visible hoses or electrical cables that move around when connecting.

The tiltrotator system has a high-flow swivel for hydraulic flows up to 53 gallons per minute. Engon’s tiltroators also come with standard tilt and rotation sensors for connecting with the excavator’s machine control system. 


Steelwrist SQ50 tiltrotator being hooked up to coupler on Volvo wheeled excavatorSteelwrist SQ50 tiltrotator being hooked to quick couplerSteelwrist

Steelwrist offers a range of tiltrotators for excavators and backhoes between 1.6 and 33 metric tons. Its X series consists of 10 models. They feature 360-degree rotation and 45 degrees of tilt.

The company’s line of SQ quick couplers for its tiltrotator systems follow the Open-S industry standard of compatibility, which means they can work with tools of other manufacturers that comply with Open-S.

The SQ system, for excavators ranging from 5 to 70 metric tons, provides fully automatic oil and high-flow connections on the top and bottom of the tiltrotator for rapid changes between the tiltrotator and other work tools. The system adds 20% more hydraulic-oil flow capacity, the company says.

Along with its SQ system, it also offers S series quick couplers with either a semi-automatic snap-in function or an automatic hydraulic locking function.


Rototilt C34 compactor on tiltrotator compacting dirtRototilt tiltrotator with compactorRototilt

Rototilt completed the rollout of its new tiltrotators last year, along with new joysticks to operate them, a new control system and an app.

The eight-model RC tiltrotator line for excavators ranging from 1.5 to 43 metric tons features “pressure-compensated hydraulics” for greater energy efficiency, control and easier use than the company’s R Series. The system uses Rototilt’s optional QuickChange couplers for fully automatic tool and hydraulic-hose link from the cab. They come standard with the SecureLock attachment system for increased safety.

The company’s ergonomic RC Joysticks are designed for “a wide range of hand sizes without compromising fit.” They deliver greater precision for the RC tiltrotators.

The RC System has a 4.3-inch touchscreen. A mobile RC Connect app delivers remote assistance. The company’s RPS works with the excavator’s 3D machine control system to display the tiltrotator’s exact position in real time.


Kinshofer TR19NOX tiltrotator in snowKinshofer TR19NOX tiltrotatorKinshofer

Kinshofer’s Nox Tiltrotator lineup consists of six models for excavators ranging from 2 to 25 metric tons. Along with 360-degree rotation, they have a tilt angle of 50 degrees. The tiltrotators can be mounted directly on the excavator arm (direct mount) or as sandwich-design by attaching it to the excavator arm with a quick coupler. You can choose between mechanical, hydraulic or fully hydraulic quick change systems. The compact design with the fully integrated tilt and rotation unit protects against damage. There are no protruding cylinders or piston rods that can be damaged, and low construction ensures a higher breakout force. An optional integrated gripper provides an additional attachment for handling poles, tubes and curb stones. The gripper is integrated at the lower quick coupler and does not affect the height or the attachment cross-movement. The tiltrotators come GPS-ready and use the NoxProp+ or NoxProp Control System for using the most common 3D machine control systems. 


Cat grading beam attachment with tiltrotator on excavatorCaterpillarCaterpillar has launched new Grading Beams for its tiltrotators. With a tiltrotator, the beams can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees for a range of tasks, from grading sidewalks to larger site prep. They come in five widths between 49 and 118 inches.

The company’s Tilt Rotate System, or TRS, series of tiltrotators covers excavators ranging from 3 to 35 tons. The tiltrotators can directly connect to the excavator’s machine control systems.

TRS models have two interfaces: a top interface that connects the TRS to the carrier machine and a bottom interface that connects various work tools to the TRS. The TRS models come in different coupler configurations, such as an S-type coupler for both the top and bottom interfaces or a pin-on top interface and pin-grabber coupler bottom interface.

Other features include a reinforced gearbox with a bearing ring that distributes working forces to reduce stress on the TRS and the host machine. A double-acting tilt cylinder has integrated load-hold valves that sustain holding pressures and prevent cylinder movement under load. The cylinder also features hardened pistons and maintenance-free bearings, and its surfaces are scratch-resistant and rust-proof.

OilQuick Americas

graphic white background oilquick tiltrotator on white excavatorOilQuick Americas

The OQTR-E five-model lineup of tiltrotators from OilQuick is for excavators ranging from 6 to 33 metric tons. The system is based on Engcon’s rotor body and OilQuick’s couplers. Using the OilQuick tiltrotator equipped with the sandwich solution, the driver can tilt, rotate or change the tiltrotator for a bucket or other attachment and also change hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator without having to leave the cab. OilQuick also supplies a range of tools and accessories for tiltrotators. When excavating with the tiltrotator, the company says, the machine lifts about an extra 55 tons every hour (based on using the tiltrotator on a 15-ton excavator) and can help you save fuel costs and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Options include Tilt-Lock Extra or ICS control systems, high-flow swivel for running high-flow attachments, a grapple module for efficient picking and handling, and MIG2 joysticks for improved ergonomics and functionality.

AMI Attachments

AMI Attachments AXXIS tiltrotator with bucket on Deere excavator digging gravel in front of houseAXXIS tiltrotatorAMI Attachments

AMI Attachments offers the AXXIS TR Tiltrotator – powered by Nox. Offering a tilt range of 50 degrees in either direction and a compact design, the AXXIS TR is available for excavators ranging from 3 to 27.5 tons. It is also compatible with backhoes in 30, 50 and 70 classes. It features a fully enclosed helical actuator instead of cylinders for increased and constant holding torque and allows digging of narrower trenches. The AXXIS TR is GPS compatible and available with various ergonomic SVAB joystick configurations. It also comes in three coupler configurations: pin grab coupler, S-lock coupler and wedge coupler. Other features include an oversized worm gear, cast-iron housing and proportional valves. The AMI AXXIS TC tilt coupler enables attachment tilt up to 180 degrees and has a dual-pin locking system for increased safety. 


Werk-Brau beanded tiltrotator and bucketWerk-BrauWerk-Brau is now offering its own branded tiltrotators produced by Steelwrist featuring SQ Automatic Quick Couplers (see Steelwrist entry above).

Werk-Brau entered the tiltrotator market in 2022 under a partnership with Kinshofer, but in 2024, it has announced its new agreement with Steelwrist.

The new Werk-Brau tiltrotators deliver 360-degree rotation and 45 degrees of tilt. They have models for excavators ranging from 2 to 33 metric tons. The tiltrotators are available with front pin hook or front pin lock safety.

The SQ sandwich-style couplers feature auto lubrication and consist of steel cast components.

An optional gripper with quantum technology for the tiltrotators provides a secure grip on materials and improves operational efficiency, Werk-Brau says. The tiltrotators are ideal for use with general purpose and specialty buckets and attachments like rippers, grapples, pallet and forks, as well as powered work tools such as brush clearing tools, grapples, sweepers, pallet forks, compactors.

Hartford Attachments

Harford TiltrotatorCompatible with 2- to 9-ton excavators, Hartford Attachments’ new tiltrotator features 360-degree continuous rotation and 50 degrees of tilt with constant tilt torque.

It is compatible with Harford’s range of Pro-Lok, Uni-Lok and Safelock quick coupler and pin grabber systems. Optional integrated grippers, a choice of operating system set-ups and a full range of attachments are available.

With no protruding cylinders or pistons, the risk of damage is reduced, and operators have a clear line of sight to the attachment, the company says. The slim profile lets operators work next to a wall or fence line without compromising their capabilities, Harford says. The durable cast housing protects key operating components.

Two control systems are available: the entry-level DF4 or the Prop+ with advanced controls. The DF4 requires two double-acting hydraulic circuits on the excavator. It is compatible with standard machine joysticks and requires a single electric connection to the existing cab setup. Fully proportional controls are available as an option.

The Prop+ system includes new joysticks, enabling a variety of advanced features, including auto-calibration, individual operator settings, individual speed and tool settings, a touchscreen control panel, remote maintenance and more. With the advanced system, operators can simultaneously perform multiple tilt, rotate and other movements. Both systems are compatible with Leica Geosystems GPS. 


GRYB GTR15 tiltrotator on excavator arm digging around large rockGRYB’s GTR15 tiltrotator can dig around obstaclesGRYBGRYB produces the seven-model GTR line of tiltrotators for excavators ranging from 2 to 30 tons. Along with 360-degree rotation, the GTRs can tilt 40 degrees to either side. An advanced control system enables operators to control the attachment with dual joysticks, graphic touchscreen and multiple user profiles. A centralized lubrication system can hook up directly to the excavator’s lubrication system. The Hardlock Quick Coupler enables quick changing of attachments and increases safety with double locking devices. The Fast Change Coupler option is also available. The company offers an optional grip module for moving buckets, small objects and other pieces of equipment. It is located under the tiltrotator and can be easily attached and detached. It also comes in handy when working with posts, pipes, poles, timber. The company offers a variety of tools for its tiltrotators, including digging, grading and trench buckets, ripper, grading beam, asphalt cutter, pallet fork, construction grapple. 


Mazio tilt rotator on an excavatorMazio AttachmentsItalian manufacturer Mazio debuted the new Tilt-Rotator for excavators at ConExpo 2023. The tiltrotator features 360 degrees of rotation and the ability to tilt side-to-side by up to 55 degrees. The attachment works with grapples, buckets or shears to increase versatility and precision on the jobsite. The tiltrotator allows operators access to narrow spaces with large or small equipment, the company says. The Tilt-Rotator also features a hydraulic quick coupler that enables the operator to remain in the cab while changing tools. The Tilt-Rotator has no no grease points or cylinders, making it virtually maintenance-free.