800 Gallons of Brine Ready in 1 Hour with Hilltip BrineMixx

Hilltip‘s new BrineMixx brine solution blenders are designed to quickly prepare brine for combatting ice and come in three sizes – 135, 370 or 800 gallons.

The tanks are filled with fresh water, then rock salt is added according to preset amounts based on the amount of water in the tank. The tank uses a three-way valve to circulate the mixture until achieving the target 23.3% salinity concentration.

The company says the 800-gallon mixer reaches correct concentration in a little over an hour, with the smaller tanks taking less time. The mixture can be used for de-icing and preventing ice from forming.

Hilltip BrineMixx brine blenderThe Hilltip BrineMixx tanks are made of polyethylene and can pump 103 gallons per minute.HilltipAfter it’s mixed, the brine can be pumped directly from the tank to the spreader or sprayers as it’s being produced and does not require a separate storage tank. The electric pump sends 103 gallons per minute of brine to the application device. A heavy-duty filter between the valve and transfer hose prevents dirt and other contaminants from entering the spraying equipment, the company says.

The tanks are made of corrosion-free polyethylene and come with a salinity meter to test the brine and a liquid level indicator inside the tank. The top grate has a sharp-edged spike strip to open salt bags.

The empty weight of the tank’s range from 120 to 370 pounds, and from 41 to 79 inches high. Tank diameters range from 35 to 59 inches.