8 landscaping attachments for mulching, mowing, moving

These eight construction equipment attachments can mulch, mow, grind and pick up debris, offering ways to expand the use of your skid steers, compact track loaders and excavators.

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Motor speed adjusts to load

Case Mulching Head

Case’s mulcher attachment for its skid steers and compact track loaders features a variable two-speed motor that automatically adjusts motor displacement to changing material loads to maximize rotor speed and torque. The attachment comes standard with a high-flow configuration and can be converted at the dealership for “enhanced high flow” hydraulics systems for carrier machines over 90 horsepower. Other features include double-carbide teeth, a drum-style rotor system with a smooth rotor surface and spiral tool pattern.

Clear hardwoods up to 10 inches

John Deere Brush Cutter

John Deere’s RX72 and RX84 rotary cutter attachments for large skid steers and compact track loaders have high-flow hydraulics and a severe-duty door. They can clear medium to heavy brush and hardwoods up to 10 inches in diameter. Features include three blades made of AR400 steel, a pressure gauge to monitor blade load and a motor with direct drive bearing. The attachments have a retractable forward shield that rolls back to expose the blades to larger-diameter trees and closes after the material is cleared.

Grab debris, brush, limbs

Ditch Witch Brush Grapple

The brush grapple attachment for Ditch Witch’s stand-on compact utility loaders is designed to collect debris, loose limbs and brush. The grapples come in two widths: 42 and 54 inches. They are 25.5 inches high, 31.25 inches long and have a grapple opening of 29 inches. The 42-inch grapples weighs 270 pounds and the 54-inch attachment weighs 295 pounds. The grapple is also designed to be compact and easy to transport and it can be maneuvered on tight jobsites.

Cut up to 72 inches wide

EDGE Open Face Rotary Brush MowerThe Edge Open Face Rotary Brush Mower cuts through brush, undergrowth and saplings up to 4 inches in diameter. It has a 72-inch cutting width. Its open face design cuts vegetation before the frame pushes the material over. It features two half-inch by 4-inch high-strength steel blades and a balanced stump jumper. It is compatible with skid loaders, track loaders and articulated loaders. The attachment is available in widths of 48 to 90 inches for standard or high-flow hydraulic systems. The direct-drive hydraulic motor requires flow of 8 to 40 gallons per minute.

Turn stumps into dust

Eterra Vortex Skid Steer Stump Grinder

Eterra Attachments designed its Vortex Skid Steer Stump Grinder attachment to improve stump grinding efficiency with added power and cutting capacity. The company says the stump grinder quickly removes unwanted tree stumps and doesn’t leave anything behind, turning stumps into dust. The attachment comes in two models. The V27 has a 27-inch-diameter cutting wheel and a standard flow rating of 18 to 30 gallons per minute. The V31 has a 13-inch-diameter cutting wheel and a flow rate of 30 to 45 gpm.

Handle difficult material

Geith excavator thumbGeith’s MX Hydraulic Thumb for compact excavators is designed for handling rocks, brush, stumps and other material that is difficult to maneuver. It features reinforced pivot areas for extra strength and a load-holding valve to prevent slippage. It can rotate up to 133 degrees and fit excavators from 1 to 10 tons. Hydraulics enable controlled movement of the thumb, and the serrated edge holds material secure to the bucket. The high-strength universal base plate is compatible with most excavator models, the company says.

Mulch down to the ground

Seppi MINIFORST CL mulcher

Seppi’s Miniforst CL features a new Cut Control rotor to adjust the attachment’s cut depth. The operator can mulch material all the way down to the ground, as well as grind material up to 8 inches in diameter. It is designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with up to 63 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. The Miniforst can be equipped with Tungsten carbide inserts or the company’s Mini Blades. A hydraulic hood is available for the Tungsten carbide inserts to control flying debris. All grease points are protected and don’t require tools to access them.

Cleaner, quieter stump grinding

Premier Stump Planer

Premier Attachmentsstump planer auger is designed to safely grind stumps without mess and noise. The auger is available in 12- or 16-inch diameter. It can be used on compact utility loaders, skid steers, compact track loaders, tractors, backhoes and excavators. A .75-inch flighting helps remove shavings from the cutting edges. The cutting edges can be removed and sharpened. The spiral center point is designed to pull the stump planer into the stump, so little downward pressure is needed. The center point can also be replaced.