8 Attachments for Grabbing, Hoisting and Lifting It All

When it comes to lifting material – and in one case, people – these eight attachments for construction equipment can help you get the job done.

High-volume loading, precise sorting

Cat Sorting GrappleCat Demolition & Sorting Grapples are designed for high-volume production loading and precise sorting. The shell open wide and maintain their grip on large loads. The grapple can also pick, sort and place small materials. Dirt and other fine material are screened through skeleton and perforated shells, which also give operators good visibility to the load. A large-bore cylinder design delivers high clamping force and fast cycle times. Operators can also work close to container edges and walls. Models in the lineup are the G200 GC, G300 GC and G300.

Adjust fork width from the cab

Xtreme Duty Heavy Lift Hydraulic Pallet Fork by Construction AttachmentsXtreme Duty Heavy Lift Hydraulic Pallet Forks by Construction Attachments can be adjusted from the cab for width between the forks. Minimum fork width is 12 inches and max width is 44 inches. The forks move in and out simultaneously. Fork length is 48 inches. Lifting capacity is 5,500 pounds. The forks come standard with factory-installed couplers. Ball fork sleeves are optional. They are compatible with skid steers and compact track loaders. The top guard is designed for maximum visibility of the load.

Lift pipes and concrete barriers

Doosan hydraulic quick couplersDoosan hydraulic quick couplers come standard with a lift eye so operators of the company’s crawler excavators can lift and place objects. Operators can engage the excavator’s Lifting Mode to increase pump torque, lower engine rpms and enable an automatic power boost when lifting pipes or concrete barriers. The coupler is built with extra high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel.

Maneuver in tight spaces

Genie's 13-foot platform for use with its S-65 XC telescopic boom liftGenie’s new 13-foot platform enables two occupants to work at height with its 600-pound capacity. The platform is compatible with the company’s S-65 XC telescopic boom lift. The company says the 3-foot-wide platform maneuvers easily in tight and restricted spaces and gives operators a more comfortable workspace. The platform has 14 lanyard points, six more than the 8-foot platform. It also uses the same digital load-sense system as all Genie XC booms. It can be transported with a standard-width trailer due to its off-center transport lock.

Lift heavy, wide sheet material

JLG Sheet Material Handler JLG designed its new sheet material handler to deliver heavy, wide materials at height. The telehandler attachment has a lifting capacity of 3,000 pounds and a maximum fork spread of 72 inches. It can pick up and place such items as Sheetrock, drywall and plywood. It features 100-degree horizontal tilt for placing items. It has a maximum load width of 22 inches and a 180-degree swing capability. It is compatible with the following JLG telehandlers: 742, 943, 1043, 1055 and 1255. It requires an auxiliary electrics option to operate.

Forks for heavy lifting

John Deere pallet forks on the company's 333G skid steerJohn Deere’s Worksite Pro pallet fork frames can handle forks rated up to 6,200 pounds. The frames are available in 45- and 60-inch models and can be used on Deere G- and E-Series skid steers, K-II and K-Series compact wheel loaders, and on competitors’ machines. Features include a brick guard design for added strength, smooth surfaces to prevent load damage and a load-securing “D” ring for transporting materials. The frames are designed to offer an unrestricted view to the fork tips. Angled side corners and steps allow easy, safe cab access.

Maneuver materials in tight spaces

Manitou 360 rotating fork carriageManitou’s 360-Degree Rotating Fork Carriage is designed for handling materials in tight spaces and in complex positions. The attachment is compatible with the company’s MRT 2150, MRT 2470 and MRT 2550 rotating telehandlers. The carriage features constant load-position and weight monitoring, adaptive overload control and no forward tilting when rotation is greater than 120 degrees and the boom is lifted over 9 feet 8 inches. The 47-inch forks have a capacity of 8,800 pounds front and 5,500 pounds rotated.

Lift saw-cut concrete and more

Vacuworx SL 2 Vacuworx’s SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System features a variety of modular pad options for its base unit, which can be operated by manual or wireless remote control. The attachment for compact equipment is designed for lifting saw-cut concrete, but it can be used for other applications. Standard pads are 24 by 24 inches. Options include 12-inch by 36-inch pads for narrow trench cuts. Other sizes are available upon request. The combined base unit and pads weigh 100 pounds. The SL 2 has a lifting capacity of 4,400 pounds.