3 Pre-Construction Services to Set Your Business Apart

3 Pre-Construction Services to Set Your Business Apart

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a new build or remodels before you can start digging a hole or knocking down walls. If you’re looking for a way to grow your business, expanding to offer pre-construction services is a great way to make a bigger return on every project.

Some services you can offer yourself, and others work best if you’re ready to hire more people and want to keep all parts of the construction process in-house. It’s much easier for you and faster for everyone if you work closely with the people preparing plans and designing the project. Here are three ideas for pre-construction services you can consider offering if you don’t already.


Lots of people want to take on home renovation projects themselves, but it’s always a good idea for any homeowner doing a large project to call in a consultant to tell them what walls can safely come down, what electrical lines can be rerouted, and what they can reasonably do themselves and what really needs a professional. Charging an hourly rate can make this a reasonable way to fill in some spare hours. It may or may not lead to future projects, but if you enjoy helping people see the possibility in their homes, this is probably something you’ll really enjoy doing.

Offering consulting services for homebuyers is also a great service in areas where there are lots of fixer-uppers. Walk through homes with buyers and discuss possible renovations so that they understand what changes are realistic before they buy.

Architectural Services

Having a licensed architect on your team can be a huge time and convenience saver compared to working with someone external. An architect in your business can offer services ranging from consulting on projects to drafting technical drawings to helping secure permits. While it is very possible (and probable) that you will work with other architects too, having someone on your team can save time, help you stay within budget, and make it easier to communicate changes.

Interior Design

When you’re involved in a large remodel or the construction of an entirely new home or building, there’s a very good chance that the owner may want some help selecting fixtures and finishes. Even when a customer wants to pick everything on their own, they may not be aware of what exactly they need to choose. They probably get excited about paint and flooring options but may not think in-depth about light switches, molding, and towel racks.

The best way to handle both types of customers is by offering interior design services yourself. The customer may have an interior designer they already want to hire, but the advantage of providing it yourself is that you won’t be slowed down by the inevitable process of waiting on the designer and customer to make decisions. An in-house designer will work directly with you and the customer to make sure nothing is missing when it comes time to start installing finishes.

You should charge a slightly lower rate for design services when compared to what other designers in your area charge, provided you are the one doing the actual construction project. There’s not as much incentive for a customer to use your designer if the cost is the same as elsewhere.

All of these services can be added to the construction services you already offer to help save time and make the entire building or renovation process smoother for you and your customer. We’d love to hear from you! What other pre-construction services do you offer?