10 attachments to help you do more with your skid steer or CTL

Manufacturers have developed a plethora of devices to make sure the multipurpose skid steer and compact track loader maintain their mantles as the most versatile machines in the fleet.

Here are 10 attachments that allow you to do everything from chopping trees and pulling stumps to drilling and grading.

Grade with ¼-inch accuracy

The Cat Box Blade, designed for Caterpillar’s skid-steer, compact-track and multi-terrain loaders, grades and levels large commercial properties with accuracy levels within one-fourth of an inch when used with Accugrade technology, the company says. The Box Blade comes in 7- and 8-foot models that operate manually or automatically with a laser or GPS grading system. The attachment is designed for such grading projects as housing pads, roads and parking lots. It features dual slope capability, which increases efficiency and savings, the company says.

Remote-control blade operation

Worksaver’s SSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade turns skid steers into high performance grading machines for subgrading and surface preparation. The 8-inch six-way hydraulic moldboard is operated by remote control from the cab and provides 25-degree rotation and tilt. It is shear-pin protected to reduce wear. The blade can also be paired with an optional laser system for precision grading. Other options include an end-plate laser-pole kit. The attachment is designed for use by asphalt and concrete flatwork contractors and landscapers.

Cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter

The Loftness Bad Ax disc mulcher for skid steers is designed for a range of applications, including land clearing and vegetation control. The 60-inch-diameter disc can cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter. The disc is driven directly by the mulcher’s hydraulic motor. A polyurethane coupler dampens vibration, and the direct drive eliminates the need to maintain belts. The disc contains no welds, which prevents stress cracking. The Bad Ax’s recutter bars, along with counter teeth, hold material in place during mulching, resulting in finer particles.

Remove stumps in one pass

The SS30 Stump Shredder from John Deere removes stumps ranging from 8 to 28 inches in one pass. Larger stumps can be removed with multiple bores, the company says. It can bore down to 20 inches to remove roots. The SS30 is geared toward Deere’s new mid- and large-frame G-Series skid steers (320G, 324G, 330G and 332G) and compact track loaders (325G, 331G and 333G). The shredder was designed to reduce high-speed flying debris with a low-speed, high-torque planetary drive. It produces a small contained chip pile to make cleanup easier.

Easier access forks

Woods’ new pallet forks give operators easier access with a walk-thru frame and low step, as well as improved visibility when moving material. The four new models have fork lengths of 42 to 48 inches and capacities of 2,200, 4,400 and 6,600 pounds. They are compatible with universal skid steer (ISO 24410), John Deere and Euro ISO 23206 quick attachments. The tines are made of certified forged steel, and the tine capacity equals lift capacity. A clevis allows lifting from a single point on the pallets’ frame.

Snow plow flows with pavement contours

SnowEx’s new Oscillating Skid-Steer Mount is designed to improve scraping performance and cause less wear on the plow’s cutting edge. The mount allows 6 degrees of side-to-side oscillation, so the blade can follow pavement contours. It works with SnowEx’s Speedwing and Heavy-Duty plows, which have blade widths of 7 feet, 6 inches to 9 feet. The company says the mount can quickly attach to any brand or style of skid steer. The company makes five snow plows compatible with skid steers.

Cutting brush at 72 inches wide

Solesbee’s brush cutter skid-steer attachment comes in 60-inch or 72-inch cutting widths and has a 6-inch cutting capacity. It’s equipped with three bidirectional blades powered by a high-torque piston motor and bearing housing. The blades are made with 5/8-inch AR400 steel and are housed in a 3/8-inch double cloverleaf-shaped blade holder. The 3/16-inch deck sides are reinforced with AR400 steel. The brush cutter does not require case drains and offers a flow of 17 to 30 gallons per minute.

Push large amounts of snow

The new Hiniker 3600 Series Skid Steer Snow Pushers are available in 96- and 120-inch widths and feature a durable rubber cutting edge that provides for cleaning on paved surfaces. The pushers’ sides are 36 inches tall by 36 inches for moving large amounts of snow. The side plates are made of 3/8-inch steel. Heavy duty steel skids provide floatation over uneven surfaces. An optional pull-back attachment provides a second rubber cutting edge for back dragging. A universal skid-steer attachment system is designed for quick and easy connections.

Drill down quickly

The Minnich A-2V equipment-mounted drill is designed for fast vertical drilling. Powered by a compressor, the A-2V unit can be mounted to a skid-steer loader, loader or farm tractor to form a self-contained, mobile drill for vertical holes. The company says it is ideal for pulling multiple damaged slabs. The A-2V’s two drills can also swivel to drill holes at an angle. The drill bit diameters range from .625 to 2.5 inches. The A-2V has a maximum drill depth of 16 inches.

Replace the teeth, not the entire bucket

The D1042T Tooth Bucket from Daniel Mfg. features eight replaceable teeth and fits walk-behind skid steers, such as Toro’s Dingo compact utility loaders. The heavy-duty general-purpose buckets are made of high-strength steel plate and have a 5.5-cubic-foot capacity. The cutting edge is ¾-inch by 6 inches. A smooth-edge model, the D10402S, is also available. The buckets are 42 inches wide, 19 inches high and 29 inches long. They weigh 250 pounds.